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Manage SSL Certificates made easy

This project is the approach to a new way of managing clients SSL and TLS certificates for Agencies.

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  • DevOps
  • Frontend Development
  • Interface Design
  • Backend Development
  • Database Design
The Slice web application showing a selected user annotation.

Bringing it together

Agencies often have multiple clients, each with their own set of SSL or TLS certificates. This can be a nightmare to manage, especially when you have to keep track of when they expire. As I was working for an agency at the time, I was able to see first hand how much of a problem this was, especially because it was part of my job to manage them.

My solution was to create a web application that would allow agencies to manage all of their clients SSL certificates in one place. This would allow them to easily see when they expire, and to quickly renew them. Agencies often use tools like Jira to manage their projects, so I wanted to make sure that this application would integrate with it.

The layers sidebar design, now with user profiles.
Multiple user annotations on a shared layer.

Usefull Tools

I wanted to make sure that the application will be as useful as possible, so I added a few tools that would help agencies manage their certificates. Some are still in development so theres currently no screenshots of them. Heres a list of some tools that I want to add:

  • CSR decoder and validator
  • Certifacte Chain generator
  • Certificate validator
  • more to come...