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Tech Arsenal and CMS Mastery

As a full-stack developer and DevOps engineer, I'm skilled in every layer of project development, able to not only design and build, but also deploy and maintain the infrastructure. Explore the tools, CMS, libraries, and languages I harness to forge web wonders.

Programming languages

  • This list does not include frameworks and libraries that are built on top of these languages.
    1. JavaScript
    2. TypeScript
    3. PHP
    4. Python
    5. Go


  • I have worked with a lot of different CI/CD tools, but these are the ones I'm most familiar with.
    1. GitHub Actions
    2. GitLab CI
    3. Bitbucket Pipelines
    4. Jenkins


  • I have worked with a lot of different databases, but these are the ones I use the most.
    1. MySQL
    2. PostgreSQL
    3. MongoDB
    4. SQLite
    5. Redis
    6. EdgeDB
    7. AWS RDS
    8. AWS DynamoDB

Containerization and Clustering

  • As a DevOps engineer I have worked with a lot of different tools to containerize my applications but these two are outstanding.
    1. Docker
    2. Kubernetes

Automation and Infrastructure as Code

  • Automation is a big part of my job as a DevOps engineer. I have worked with some tools to automate my infrastructure.
    1. Terraform
    2. Ansible
    3. Vagrant
    4. CloudFormation

Monitoring and Logging

  • To monitor my infrastructure and applications I use these tools.
    1. Prometheus
    2. Grafana
    3. Uptime Kuma
    4. CloudWatch
    5. CloudTrail


  • There are a lot of different CMS out there, but these are the ones I am most familiar with.
    1. Directus
    2. Ghost
    3. Strapi
    4. PayloadCMS
    5. WordPress
    6. TYPO3 but I hate it...


  • Figma my UI design tool of choice. I love the simplicity and the ease of use. Previusly I used Adobe XD but I found it to be too slow and clunky.
  • I prefer using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo from Serif over Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator because they are much cheaper and have a similiar workflow.
  • To create motion graphics I use Adobe After Effects combined with Cinema 4D. I would appreciate any recommendations for a better alternative to After Effects.
  • For my 3D models I use Blender and also Cinema 4D. Since Blender 2.8 it’s getting better and better and I am starting to use it more often in my projects.

Development preferences

  • I use Visual Studio Code as my text editor, with the SynthWave 84 theme and JetBrainsMono as my typeface of choice.
  • Google Chrome is my primary browser for both development and general use. I was a long time Firefox user, but I switched to Chrome because of the great developer tools and the fact that it is the most used browser.
  • React is my front end Javascript library of choice. Also I use Next.js for server side rendering.
  • For 3D effects and image shaders I use three.js. It has a bit of a learning curve but you can do some really powerful stuff with it and it is very interesting to work with.
  • For CSS I prefer using vanilla CSS with PostCSS to get upcoming CSS features today. I also use Tailwind CSS for utility classes and fast prototyping.
  • Framer Motion is my go to library for animations. It is very easy to use and has a lot of features that fits perfect for react and three.js projects.


CPUApple M3 Pro - 12-core CPU
GPUApple M3 Pro - 18 core GPU with 16-core Neural Engine
Memory18GB unified memory
Monitor3440p x 1440p WQHD IPS 144hz Mi Curved Gaming Monitor
KeyboardLogitech MX Mechanical
MouseLogitech MX Anywhere 3