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Create three.js apps faster with this engine


About the engine

Rogue Engine is still in an alpha state but extremely powerful to use for creating stunning 3D models or games that'll run in the Web browser or maybe as an App, thanks to its multi-platform support. It uses state-of-the-art technology like three.js, and it has fully typescript support, isn't that awesome? It gets better, you can easily extend the environment using npm packages, and it has a build in Asset Manager that helps you keep your projects clean. You can extend the editor as you like and add custom functionalities to fit your needs.


  • Fully typescript support
  • Multi-platform support
  • Extendable with npm packages
  • Build in Asset Manager
  • Extendable editor
  • And much more...

How to use

You can use the engine in two ways, either by using the editor or by using the engine directly.


The editor is a web application that you can use to create your projects. It is built with React and uses the engine as a dependency. You can use the editor to create your projects and then export them to run them in the browser or as an App.

Learn more

You can learn more about the engine on the Rogue Engine website.